It combines elements of dance, yoga and movement from the martial arts to create an expressive fitness workout.  Nia is done barefoot to great music.

Ana teaches to all levels of fitness, guiding students to modify their movements to achieve conditioning with ease.  Nia co-creator Debbie Rosas says “your body should be your home.”

 What is a Nia class with Ana like?

Ana begins her Nia classes with a warm-up that sets the focus for the hour to follow.  Students gradually pick up the pace with rhythmic steps in time to each musical selection, involving their whole bodies.  All major muscle and joint groups are exercised effortlessly.  Ana uses imagery to encourage students to find the dance and pleasure in their bodies.   She seamlessly cues each movement, so that students can transition from one step to another both by watching and listening.  The heart of the class is a forty minute cardio work out, followed by a gentle cool down featuring yoga stretches and relaxation.

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